What an accomplishment for Cathy to have worked at Ganem Jewelers for thirty years. Cathy is a special person, very sensitive, caring, loving, fun and most of all she remembers her customers from the Tempe store when she first started at Ganem. Cathy is like a sister to me and I am glad she is a part of the Ganem family. I love working along side her every day. Congratulations Cathy!

- Diane Enia


Cathy has been a part of my life for about 17 years and she has been smiling the entire time. Her attitude is always positive and energetic. Even when she is sick she always seems to see the good side. She has a way about her to bring out the best in people and they truly enjoy her company. She is a very special person and I am lucky to have her in my life.

- James Schreiner


Cathy is a special person. The loyalty of her customers speaks volumes about who she is as a person and about her professionalism. She lives in the moment, when you talk to Cathy you are her world. Of course there is also those times where she pulls you into her world and you can’t escape becuase she won’t stop talking but we love her for being willing to give us so much of her time. The blessing of having her under the Ganem roof for 30 years cannot be over stated. Cathy has a home for life with Ganem Jewelers. Thank you Cathy!

- Curtis Ganem


Cathy is a pleasure to work with. She always has a cheerful and charming personality and always has a smile. The most amazing thing about Cathy is she has never forgot a customers name since she started with Ganem Jewelers 30 years ago. Love you Cathy.

- Laila Bazzy


It has been my great pleasure and rare opportunity to have worked with and shared so many years of life with Cathy Harmsen. Cathy is one of those very rare human beings that are not only completely honest but also blessed with a kind and wonderful soul. In short a truly good human being. In this day and time or any day and time these are the most sought after and rare and wonderful people to share a work environment with. Our company is better and the world is better for having Cathy in it. And if God would have it I hope she lives to be 150.

- George Ganem


As long as I have known Cathy she has been a pleasure to be around. She is one of the brightest people I have ever met. She always has a smile and a great attitude about life. Cahty has always had an upbeat attitude at work. I have worked with her for 17 years and there has never been a dull moment…from her telling me jokes to her laughing at the ones that I tell her. It has been wonderful working next to her and I am happy to still have her with us after all of these years.

- Austin Beebe


Cathy Harmsen is one of my dearest and best friends. Whether we are in the store to purchase a gift or to attend one of Ganem’s events, we are always greeted with one of Cathy’s trademark welcomes. Cathy knows my tastes so well that when Karl comes in to purchase a gift for me he is confident that whatever he unltimately selects will be something that I will truly enjoy. She never makes him feel like he has to purchase the most expensive item in the store, just something she knows I will love! Cathy’s personal approach to us and to each of her customers has been the cornerstone of her 30 year success at Ganem.

- Connie and Karl Sweigart

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Detroit, MI
by Nancy Wasser

I am very proud to be from Michigan. I am full of great pride with the things that are happening in my home state, number 1 being Shinola!

I had the pleasure of touring the Shinola factory while back home for a family reunion. What an impressive operation! The things that are happening on the 5th floor of the brick historic Argonaut building, a former GM building, is remarkable on so many levels.

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Ganem Jewelers AZFoothills
Ganem Jewelers is set to host its yearly showcase and sale of the finest gemstones, diamonds and precious metals in the Valley at the annual Ganem Vault Estate Sale.  Ganem Jewelers has been notorious in the Valley for its exquisite jewels, gems and watches since 1982.  Both Valley locations feature customized diamond and gemstone jewelry and timepieces, including luxury from the likes of brands such as Breitling, Tag Heuer, Michele, Simon G and more.

This year’s blowout estate sale will take place in the Ahwatukee location from August 11 until August 16, and in the Scottsdale location from August 25 until August 30.  Both locations will exhibit items from the vault, Arizona’s finest private vault. You will not want to miss out on this spectacular summer sale.  Who knows? You might even find your favorite signature piece of jewelry!

AZ Foothills got the chance to chat with Curtis Ganem of Ganem Jewelers about this annual estate sale.  Check out what he had to say about this huge Estate Sale and Ganem Jewelers fine jewelry below!
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